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Here are some signs that your loved one may be in need of Assisted Living:

Neglecting personal care.  This can range from appearing disheveled and unkempt to signs of not bathing. Wearing dirty clothes or wearing the same thing all the time.
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How to Make Downsizing Less Stressful

The kids are gone, the house is too big, the lawn takes too much work; or maybe you’re moving to a senior living community where you won’t have as much living space. For most older adults, there comes a time when you need or want to downsize.
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Veteran's Benefits

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension provides benefits that can reduce the cost of care for Veterans and surviving spouses who require assisted living.
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Community Education Programs

Graceful Senior Solutions offers these complimentary educational programs for your business, church or civic group!

Important Conversations for Seniors and their Families

Many times discussions related to safety in the home, housing options, finances and other issues related to aging and end of life choices are difficult to have, and often feared. However, they are critical for families and can be helpful for all involved. Join us to learn tips on how to engage in these discussions, “ground rules” that have proven helpful to others, as well as some practical components.

A Practical Guide to Senior Housing – Managing the Elder Care Maze:

As seniors and their families begin to consider housing options, we often hear the question, “Where do I start?” In this presentation, we talk about on all the options that are out there for seniors no matter what budget or care needs may be. Join us for an interactive conversation on how to get started, what to look for and how to go about taking the next step.

Understanding and Overcoming the Holiday Blues

The holidays are a time when people look forward to festive gatherings with family and friends and other annual traditions. For most, this is a time filled with anticipation and happiness. For others, however, this can also be a time of unmet expectations, memories of traditions which have changed or no longer occur, and other reminders of loved ones who are no longer here. This seminar is for seniors and/or their loved ones, particularly those who have experienced recent significant loss or major life changes.

Managing Challenging Behaviors:

This presentation is geared for adult children or spouses who are dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer's and/or dementia. Our discussion will focus upon how to manage sun downing and other challenging behaviors when caring for a loved one in the home.

Clark and Jane spoke to a group recently in Philadelphia. Here's what one person had to say about their presentation:

"Grace and I both thought your presentation was excellent. I knew some of what you covered from having done research for Grace in the past. What was most helpful to me was learning what is NOT out there. Grace or I plan on being in contact with you about getting some help. Then I personally believe Grace needs to begin the search for an assisted living facility for when that time comes that she needs it -- and before a crisis! I would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone I know who is seeking help" (Grace's name was changed for privacy purposes).

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